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Do you want to be a Vet when you grow up?
Ever wondered what it would be like to be a vet?

Kids Vet Club is a  Distance Education course that will introduce kids to the study of Veterinary Science.
Kids will start to study the same subjects they will study in university, should they choose to follow a pathway to formal veterinary science education.

Do You Want To Be a Vet?
Whether you are at school or study at home,
if you're keen, then this is the
ideal time to start KVC!  

We have plenty of work to keep
young minds occupied!
KVC has over 1000 members worldwide!

Distance Education - Study at Home 
For Kids Who Want To Be Vets!

Kids Vet Club (KVC) is a Veterinary Education programme provided by informal Distance Education. The course is presented as written work & available to kids anywhere in the world. Our unique learning program introduces kids to the different subjects they will study should they choose to pursue formal Veterinary Studies in Tertiary Education.  

Ideal for kids & teenagers alike - the course is suitable for kids 10 - 18 years old. Kids study at their own pace, wherever they like - at home, on holidays, in the car, anywhere! We aim to present the work in a format kids in the above age group can understand, however we do have members who are 8 years old!

The work is based on university studies, the terminology is quite technical - by its' very nature, veterinary study is challenging.The kids will need to be prepared to study! So if you have a keen child they are welcome to join. Similarly, if you have a teenager who may think "It's just for little kids!" - they may want to think again!

KVC is the tip of the Veterinary Science iceberg! If you or your child wants to be a vet - or a vet nurse - this is where you can start!

Kids will study at their own pace - their is no time frame. You may take a week, a month or a year to do a topic. It's up to you. Put it down for a time then pick it up again when you're ready. The course must be studied sequentially, starting at Topic One. However, you can order one topic at a time or as many topics as you wish.

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          Course Outline


Kids & teens can start KVC whether they are studying at school, homeschool or even while on holidays! After joining KVC by filling in the Join Up form, you can order the first Topic One Learning Package which includes our quality KVC folder, Learning Material with their own stethoscope & thermometer.


In Topic One,Kids will learn to perform a physical exam on their own pet, learn about vet office procedure, how to use vet equipment & fill in vet records.Once they complete Topic One, kids can order the next topic, in their own time. 

Subsequent topics will cover abnormal physical exams, body systems, animal handling, pet dentistry, First Aid & more .....there is so much more to learn!


MORE INFORMATION ON EACH TOPIC & PRICES: Head to our "Order Topics" page.

This Distance Education programme is available to kids anywhere in the world. Learning Material is presented in Topic One with written work in a folder with your equipment.Further topics and learning material are posted to kids via Australia Post. 

Please note: Topics are to be studied in sequence, starting at Topic One.


Our Mission Statement

"Kids Vet Club is about learning - to instill lifelong learning in a child whose passion for animals' can develop into a career."

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