Course Aim 

The aim of the course is to help kids & teenagers, decide if Veterinary Studies is a career they wish to pursue. The course will give them "a taste" of veterinary science studies.

Study topics start with learning how to use basic vet equipment whilst performing a physical exam on their own pet. With their own stethoscope, thermometer & their brains, kids will first learn how to record normal clinical parameters. Next they will learn how to record abnormal clinical parameters.

From there we move onto a variety of different topics - learn about different body systems, animal handling, working in a vet office, nursing duties, wound management, vet dentistry - the topics are endless!


Ideal for all kids - whether they are at school or Home School - kids study at home, in their own time & at their own pace. They can study as often as they like - there is no time frame.  KVC packages are ideal to take with you on holidays! 

The course is written & peer reviewed by Senior Veterinary Surgeons. To help consolidate learning, tasks & multiple choice tests are included at the end of every topic.  Kids are asked to send in their assignments for feedback on their topic understanding, the course is not graded. ( Send copies only - keep the original work). This course is informal distance education - as such it does not lead to formal certification of any type. In 2020 Certificates of Completion on each topic will be sent with satisfactory completion of assignments.

                                      About Us.
KVC currently has 270 members worldwide - Australia (all states), New Zealand, America, England & Singapore.

Created in 2017 by Australian Senior  Veterinary Surgeon Dr Joan Deetman BSc BVMS GDEd. Dr Joan has a long, solid background in the Veterinary & Equine industries, graduated from Murdoch University over 25 years ago & is an internationally qualified FEI Official Equine Vet. With Post Graduate qualifications in Education (Tertiary & Adult), Dr Joan is ideally suited to introduce young minds to the world of veterinary medicine.

Dr Joan works daily in her veterinary practices with both small & large animals, living on her farm on the outskirts of Perth, Western Australia. Read more about Dr Joans' work in her BLOG.

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How to Join:

1) Fill in the required details on the"Join Up" page

2) Place your order on the "Order Topics" page

3) Read, study, complete assignments

4) Send in completed assignments for feedback

Study at your own pace - order your next Topic anytime

Yes there are tests!

Practice on any animal - practice on lots' of animals

Unlimited topics to study

Stethoscope & Thermometer sent in first Learning Package




Topic Information


Practical Sessions

UPDATE: Practical sessions are currently suspended. Kids in Perth Western Australia may consider enrolling in a practical session for Topic One - Normal Physical Examination.

These sessions can be booked for either small animals or large animals; dogs, cats and horses work best.

In the practical kids will work one-on-one with the vet - you can use the session to update your pets annual vaccination, if required. For more information go to the Order Topic page

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