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Chicken soup

When our pets are ill they often refuse food however we still need to encourage eating to ensure fluid and caloric intake is maintained. An animal with vomiting and/or diarrhoea or bowel problems can lose vast amounts of body fluid. Maintaining caloric intake is vital for healing processes to occur. Fluid intake is vital to ensure dehydration does not occur or is minimised. An easy-to-make homemade diet is chicken soup and rice, fed warm in small, frequent quantities. • 2 litres water • Chicken noodle soup packet or 2 chicken stock cubes • 1 cup white rice • 2 handfuls shredded cooked chicken meat

This diet should be fed: • warm to stimulate the senses • frequently (2 hourly) in small quantities (1-2 cups) so as to not stimulate vomiting • ensure adequate water in the pot – the high liquid quantity is effective in maintaining hydration • as the animal's condition improves the normal diet can be slowly introduced in small quantities, avoid biscuits and bones at this time. • feed diet for a minimum of 5 days • ensure your pet's worming status is current

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