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Who Loves Honey?

Everyone I know loves to eat honey! Did you know that honey is also fantastic for wound healing? People have used honey in medicine for a very long time - sealed pots of honey have been found in the tombs of the Egyptians! Honey has been thoroughly researched so we have a lot of science to explain how honey works.

So how does honey work in wound healing? To start off - those clever little hard working bees add enzymes to the honey that work to help honey fight off bacteria. Honey also works to draw out fluid to keep the wound moist and keep the ph level slightly acidic, being optimum for wound healing.

Certain flowers like the Manuka flower from New Zealand have substances in them that make the best healing honey. However many other plants do as well. An important point to remember is that heat destroys those valuable enzymes so we just want to use medical grade or raw honey. (Not shop bought honey).

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